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A Trusted Partner

We’ve partnered with Constant Motion Productions for more than five years to help share our aspiration to be a force for growth and prosperity in the communities where we live and serve. They are a pleasure to work with, and we consider them an extension of our team as strategic thought partners. Constant Motion Productions is crucial to our video process thanks to their creativity and passion, and continue to bring stories to life in ways we couldn’t have imagined!

Creating Confidence and Setting Expectations

"Eastern Michigan University launched their most ambitious comprehensive campaign in March of 2021 with an hour-long virtual experience that was created by Constant Motion Productions. When we first connected, we had no idea that we would find the degree of beauty that our campus provides the students, faculty and staff. Their team became pivotal members of our family and brought to light so many of the unique places, people, and stories that make EMU special. We captured parts of our campus that no one person has seen in totality until that video was viewed. Those that have been part of our community for decades were brought to tears at the impressive presentation that was shown. The talent that is found within Constant Motion Productions is second to none. It was an honor to work alongside that team, and we will look forward to a long relationship with them as more projects unfold."

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"We first started working with Constant Motion Productions two years ago when we were launching State and Liberty Clothing. They made us an outstanding video that perfectly balanced explaining our product and beautifully capturing the essence of our brand. This project was instrumental in launching our business and people still reach out to us about how impressed they are with our video. Since then, we have worked together on numerous projects and they have always been there at a drop of a hat to support our business any way they can. Tom, Derek, and Scott are a pleasure to work with; walking the line between being professional and ensuring everyone they work with has a great time throughout the process."

Launching a Brand
Making Life Easier

"Constant Motion Productions are truly experts in their field! I've been wanting to create a video to showcase the great community of UM-Dearborn for new wolverines to see during orientation, but I had no idea where to start. I was nervous to take on such a big project with no previous knowledge or experience. It was absolutely a breath of fresh air to have them guide and walk us through the entire process - step by step. Constant Motion Productions was able to capture the perfect messages and images from current students and staff members to highlight all that UM-Dearborn has to offer. They are extremely professional, responsive, and adaptable to any last minute changes and/or weather conditions. They worked within the agreed upon time frame, which just made planning and my overall schedule so much simpler. Tom and his team were always open ears to any thoughts or suggestions I had and provided professional opinions throughout the entire process. Constant Motion Productions would be my first (and highest recommendation) to anyone interested in making their vision a reality through video production."

Strategic Storytelling

"Constant Motion Productions are phenomenally talented storytellers. During the past two years, they’ve helped us tell dozens of stories about the impact North Star Reach makes in the lives of children with serious illnesses and their families. Whether it’s a 30-second spot for a fundraising campaign or a longer, documentary-style narrative for recruiting volunteers, they expertly weave together footage, stills and interviews in a captivating way. Like many small non-profits, we’re a lean organization, and we’re grateful we can rely on Constant Motion Productions as a strategic partner. We can give them the kernel of an idea and they’re off and running, managing every

detail from the project objectives, script and shot list to the post-

production animation, music and sound effects. We feel fortunate

to be working with such a gifted team of creative professionals."


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