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Tom Wille // Director + Producer

     Tom founded Constant Motion Productions in 2011 with the goal to provide high-quality, cost-efficient video content for local businesses, higher education institutions, and non-profits. After moving his operations from Dearborn to Ann Arbor in 2013, Tom recalibrated his client base without losing focus on the qualities that helped grow his company: an eye for detail; innovative, empathetic, and energetic storytelling; and an emphasis on strong client relations. Beyond his job, Tom is always ready to talk University of Michigan Football or about how his co-ed volleyball team lost last week.

Derek Juntunen // Creative Director + Voice Talent

     Derek spent four years freelancing for Constant Motion Productions in its burgeoning stages before joining full-time in August of 2015 as the company’s Creative Director. Along with a unique sense of humor and an encyclopedic mind of pop culture, Derek also brings his expansive database of cinematography styles, film history, and storytelling approaches to give clients the widest available options in creating a video. Outside of work, Derek can usually be found at a local cinema catching the latest releases (typically 150 films per year) or watching the entertaining, but mediocre, Detroit Tigers.

Scott Allen // Director of Post Production + Animation Whiz

     Scott joined Constant Motion Productions to become our Director of Post-Production after forging his skill-set for eight years in the business. Looking to solidify and expand the company’s graphics, animations, and color grading, Scott was hired because he excels in all these regards and has a genuine kindness that we couldn’t resist. Upon joining, Scott has elevated key projects to a level that were unthinkable before his hire. If you ever have free time with Scott on set, ask him about his band’s touring days or how his gardening is going. He’s a cool dude.

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